Finding your digital life

Last week, I wrote about how your digital assets are more than just social media. This week is all about dealing with those assets after you die. In the old days before the internet, finding a person’s assets was not so difficult. If you were the executor, you would go through their papers, and maybe […]

Death doulas

I came across this fascinating article the other day about a new trend call death doulas or death midwives. Essentially, this is a person who helps families navigate through the many and complex decisions that must be made toward the end of a loved one’s life, up until the point of the funeral, memorial or […]

A bit of resurrection

Vincent Bright was recently sentenced to probation for stealing his father’s body out of a Detroit cemetery. The reason he stole the body was his belief that he could resurrect his father through his religious beliefs. He placed his father in his freezer at home; it was found after a family member sent a tip […]

Have a coffee with your discussion of dying

Have you ever heard of a death café? Neither had I, until I read this article at the Globe and Mail last week. Basically, they are informal gatherings – sometimes at coffee shops, sometimes in people’s homes – where a small group can get together, enjoy tea and sweets, and discuss anything and everything related […]

Making funeral planning easier

Back in June, I wrote a post called “Can you afford to die?” After publishing it, I was contacted by Sandra Bento from the Ontario Ministry of Consumer Services, who offered me a great deal of information on what the provincial government is doing to assist Ontarians with funeral planning. Unfortunately, real estate got busy […]

Protect your assets – and your body

It’s a very poorly known fact, but in Ontario, your executor becomes the owner of your body at the moment of your death. Morbid, yes. But that is how it is here. I speak to so many people who don’t see the need to have their wills done because they don’t have anything, or because […]