Caring for your pet during incapacity


Laura West at the All About Estates blog posted last week about planning for your pet’s care during your incapacity. I have blogged before about pet trusts on your death, but it is also important to set up a plan for what will happen in case you are unable to care for your pet because of an injury or illness.

As Laura notes, pets are property and need to be dealt with in a Continuing Power of Attorney for Property. As with any specific directions you may have, you should speak with your attorney at the time you sign the Power of Attorney document to ensure that they are aware of your instructions and know what you wish them to do in the event that you can no longer care for yourself and/or your pet. Communication is always key in these situations.

The law is still very nebulous surrounding the care of pets on incapacity or death, but with some careful planning you should be able to ensure that your furry friend is cared for.