Young, no kids, no assets: why do I need a will?


Historically, I have generally been of the view that you start needing a will when you have assets or dependants. So here is the question: what, exactly, constitutes having assets?

Most of us think of assets as being a house, a car, maybe some investments. However, these days, our assets also include a lot that is digital. I’ve blogged about this many times before, but there are a number of considerations that go along with having digital assets that should make you want to have your will up-to-date.

I regularly read Scott Zucker’s blog. He had a very interesting article a little while ago which was, primarily, a transcript of an intake interview he did with a 20-something client. She rented, had no kids, and had no major physical assets, but as you can see from this article she definitely needed some estate planning.

Before you decide that you don’t need to do anything, you might want to dig a little deeper and be sure.