When do I get my keys?


KeysHere’s a companion to my post from two weeks ago: if you are buying, when do you get to start moving in?

This is a question that doesn’t have a great answer, because it really depends on a lot of things. First, who is your mortgage with, and have you gotten them everything they need? We can’t buy without money, so a lot depends on what time it comes in. Related to that, we also need your down payment. If you are a first-time buyer or got bridge financing, then we will have it either in advance or at the same time as your mortgage. If you are selling, then we are stuck until your sale closes.

Finally, a lot can depend simply on how busy the other lawyer’s office is. We can’t register the purchase until the seller’s lawyer confirms receipt of the money, and if they are having a busy day, they may not be able to do that right away.

Generally, plan on getting your keys sometime in the afternoon, and look at it as a bonus if it happens earlier.