Water, water everywhere…


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIf you are buying a house that is not on municipal water, you will want to be very careful about the water system. If you are on lake water, you will want a filtration system to be able to wash with the water, but will want to have water brought in to drink as testing lake water can be very unreliable in terms of health and safety.

If you are on a well, you can have the water tested before your offer becomes firm. You can take a sample to your local health unit and have them determine whether it is safe for consumption. To this end, you will always want to have a clause in your offer that if the water is unsafe, the seller has to correct the issue to the buyer’s satisfaction; that way, you are able to cancel the deal if the seller will not replace the filtration system and you cannot afford to do so yourself.

Water is vital to our survival. Make sure your home has some.