The funeral goes digital


I listen regularly to the show “Q” on CBC Radio One. Last week, they featured a very interesting interview with the funeral director at Schoedinger Funeral Home in Columbus, Ohio, which is pioneering the concept of webcasting funerals. The concept was originally developed to allow people serving in the military to “attend” a funeral for a friend or relative, and has been expanded to make it possible for people with relatives living at a distance to be able to virtually gather for a funeral or memorial service if cost or distance prevents them from doing so. While I believe that attending a funeral in person will always be more meaningful, I have had to miss funerals both because of distance and because of weather. Providing web access to those who would want to be there but can’t would allow more comfort to family and friends at a geographical distance. The digital age has invaded our lives; this seems to be one instance where it might work to bring us closer together.