Preserving your biological legacy


I have written before on whether a child can inherit from a parent who died before the child was conceived. That question is still very much alive in the U.S., and will likely enter Canada in the not-too-distant future. Today I want to talk about something else: preserving your biological legacy through injured children.

In October last year, Rufus McGill II crashed his car, killing one passenger and critically injuring himself. After the crash, his parents expressed a wish to harvest his sperm in order to have grandchildren. After lengthy discussions with the hospital, they were advised that they could not make that decision as their son was over 18 and had not left any instructions to that end. They had been preparing for a court application, but their son died before it could be commenced.

It is possible to direct what will happen with your body on incapacity. If you have particular wishes, you should make them known while you are capable.

You can read an article about the case here.