Pre-planning your funeral


We are living in sad and strange times. Adding to that is the news (that you can read here) that, effective last week, families will now have one hour from time of death to choose a funeral home (three hours if the deceased was in a long-term care home).

Choosing how someone is to be buried is not an easy decision at the best of times, and even more devastating when the death is sudden. Add to that this time pressure, and it could become an impossibly hard decision for your loved ones to make. There is a solution, however, and that is pre-planning your funeral now, so that your family doesn’t have to later.

Many funeral homes will allow you to plan out every detail of your funeral without paying. You can have all of the details set, or just broad strokes. The funeral home will keep your instructions on file, and activate them when the time comes. It takes away the stress of planning from your family, and in these uncertain times, it means one less decision that they have to make in a hurry.