Planning for plants


HibiscusI love my houseplants. I have some beautiful ones that I rooted off old plants of my mother’s, and some that I received as gifts in small planters that I have grown to huge plants, almost small trees. For me, they are far more than mere decorations, but it had never occurred to me to think about them in my will until I read this post by Lynne Butler.

I have a number of clients who come to see me about caring for their pets. This is understandable; pets are often as much family as the humans in the family, and planning for their care is extremely important. What Lynne notes is that caring for a plant that is much-loved by the owner can be just as important. The last thing that you want is for the plants to be thrown out, or given to a family member who doesn’t know how to care for them.

I know that when I redo my will after my wedding this fall, I will be thinking about who gets my hibiscus.