Our client service philosophy

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Our Client Service Philosophy

At Wall-Armstrong & Green, we believe that it is important to take time for our clients. When you call the office, if we are open, you will always get a live person on the phone. If the lawyer you are calling is in the office and available, she or he will speak to you. When you email us, we will respond within a reasonable amount of time. Your time is valuable, and we respect that.

We also believe that it is important to offer clarity. Most of what we do is on a flat-fee basis, so you know the costs upfront. We are always happy to provide written quotes for our services. We know that it matters to you to be able to budget for legal services, and we respect that.

Finally, we believe that it is important to listen and to explain. Whether it is seeing you over the course of several appointments to ensure that your will is drafted properly and according to your wishes, or setting aside enough time to thoroughly explain the documents you are signing on a real estate or corporate deal, we understand that you want to understand, and we respect that.