What do I need to have ready to sell my house?


Stack of paperIf you are selling, there are some things that would always be helpful to have handy, both for your realtor and your lawyer, to ensure a smooth closing:

  1. Most recent tax bill. This is helpful to a buyer, and required for your lawyer to apportion the property taxes between you and the buyer.
  2. Most recent utility bills. This helps a buyer understand how much it would cost to carry the house.
  3. Survey, if available. If you don’t have one, as I mentioned last week, do not agree to provide one. You would be best to determine before you list if you have a survey, and to be sure it is a survey, so that you know whether to agree to provide one.
  4. Any warranties that go with the house that you have agreed to provide. If it’s in the offer, make sure it’s either left in the house for the buyer or brought to the lawyer.

Selling your house can be a much smoother process if you have everything ready to go.