“Lawyer, there’s a person in my house!”


It’s an all-too-common situation: you get the call from your lawyer that your keys are ready, you head over to your new home, and you find the vendors still there, packing up the house. What happens if the vendors haven’t moved yet?

Technically, once the deal has closed, the vendors are required to vacate the property. However, many sellers are also buying the same day, and will sometimes move slowly so that they are able to move into their new home when they arrive. If you arrive at your home and the sellers are still there, you can always call either your realtor or your lawyer, who can work with the vendor’s realtor or lawyer to encourage the vendors to finish their move. However, the best advice is to be patient and understand that moving day can be very stressful. And when you are buying and selling on the same day, talk to your mortgage agent about bridge financing to ease the stress on yourself.