Land Titles vs. Land Registry


LandA long time ago, I wrote a post on the two systems of property ownership in Ontario. I thought it was probably time to revisit this.

Originally, most of northern Ontario was in the Land Titles system, while southern Ontario was in Land Registry. About 20 years ago, the government of Ontario decided that it would be better to have everyone on the same system, and that the Land Titles system was the better option, and began converting properties into Land Titles.

Both systems allow (obviously) for property ownership, but Land Registry allows for ownership in trust as well as directly. Land Titles was seen to be preferable, however, because it prevents adverse possession, or squatters’ rights.

At the moment, about 99% of properties in Ontario have been converted. The few remaining properties that are still in the registry system are there because of some issue with the title – possibly a boundary dispute with a neighbour, or difficulty with access or an easement. As those get dealt with, the registry system in Ontario will become a thing of the past.