How to bequeath your electronic bills


Two weeks ago, I blogged about passing on your digital music files. Here’s another conundrum: how do you pass on access to your online bills, banking, tax filings, and other digital “documents”?

According to this article on SmartMoney, there are very few provisions for access to online banking, bill payments, or other of these types of documents unless there is a will. For my two cents, the area is so new that I’m not sure that a will helps terribly much; service providers still don’t know what to do with deceased users. The practical solution I generally tell my clients is to write down their passwords and store them in a safe place, such as a safe at home or a safety deposit box, where their executors will find them.

We live in a whole new world from what was around even 15 years ago. We have adapted; now our estates need to as well.