How do you get to your home?

Road 2

Road 2For most of us who live in cities, the answer is, well, I pull up to my driveway from the city street. This isn’t always, the case though; some city dwellers have different access, and many rural properties do.

There are different ways that you could access your property. If you have an island, then obviously you are looking at water access, but even land access can be complicated. You could have a shared laneway with your neighbour, so that you both own the laneway and you use it to pull into a parking space at the back of your house. You could have a registered easement or right-of-way over your neighbour’s property in order to access your landlocked property. Or you could have an unregistered right-of-way over a roadway that has been used for decades but was never formalized.

How you access your property will dictate what types of searches we need to do when you buy, and what types of documents we need to obtain to protect that right of access. Because the worst case scenario is that you can’t get to that house, and that you don’t find out until after you buy.