Happy long weekend!


The Canada DCanadian flag 2ay long weekend is rapidly approaching here in the great white north. I’m looking forward to a nice break, filled with the first birthday party for my friend’s son, at least one barbeque and definitely some fireworks on Monday night. What I’m not looking forward to is the increased amount of fraud attempts that will be directed at my law firm.

The Avoid a Claim Blog regularly reports on frauds targeted at lawyers. Because we have trust accounts, we are frequent targets of people trying to turn bad money into good. The most regular fraud targeted at real estate lawyers is that of a matter that must be dealt with in a hurry, right before a long weekend; this gives the fraudster an extra day to try to get away with the good money.

At the best of times, it’s not much fun to have a rush deal come in to your office. Before long weekends especially, don’t expect anyone to be willing to take it on.