Happy birthday to Ontario’s Condominium Act, 1998


Chris Jaglowitz blogged last week about the 10th anniversary of Ontario’s Condominium Act, 1998. Now, you may be saying, “1998 was 13 years ago.” However, as Chris writes in the post, it took over two years for the Act to come into effect, making it 10 years old this year. He goes through the history of the Act and highlights some areas where further amendments are called for. As Chris notes, this has the potential to be an election issue in Ontario this fall, especially considering the airtime it received in Toronto during last fall’s municipal elections.

Condos are not just a big-city issue; as I write this, several new towers are being planned in downtown Barrie, and there are many more low-rise and townhouse-style condos all over the province. Condo legislation in Ontario is due for some work – it remains to be seen if this will be tackled in the fall.