Don’t procrastinate


DelayWe all do it – we put off things that don’t seem urgent, and maybe someday get around to them. Certain things just seem less pressing, and so we delay them even if we know that they are important. This blog post was supposed to go live this morning, and here I am at 3:45pm getting it onto our website. It’s not that it wasn’t important; it simply wasn’t urgent, and so it got delayed to the end of the day.

In my experience, this is absolutely the case with wills. Most people see them as important but not urgent, and so it gets put off, and put off, and put off, until it’s too late. It only becomes urgent when there’s a vacation planned, or someone close to you dies without a will. And then it becomes very urgent, and can result in a will being done too quickly with something missed, or at greater expense.

Having a will is important. You might not see it as urgent, but you would do well to at least bring it closer to the top of your to-do list.