Changing up a new home


HouseWhen you buy a brand-new home from a builder, the agreement often states that certain features can be changed at the builder’s sole discretion, such as flipping the house to a mirror image floorplan, adding or removing garage access to the house or a basement walkout, or changing certain finishes. Many buyers are surprised to arrive for their final walkthrough and find these types of changes.

Ultimately, the agreement rules. If something is important to you, it is very important to have it written into the contract. If you want to be able to get out of the agreement if certain changes are made, you need to include this in the agreement. When I am given the opportunity to review new home agreements, I always try to add at least that the builder has to give the buyer notice if anything is going to be changed so that the buyer can be involved in the decision. If it is particularly important to you, write it down and give yourself a way out.