In light of current global and local events, Wall-Armstrong & Green will be focusing in on assisting our clients and helping our families and community. We will be back to share information on this blog when it is appropriate to do so.

I’m back!

I haven’t blogged in a really long time. Life got very busy last year – real estate was quite busy in the summer, plus I was expecting my second child. I’m now back to work after welcoming a daughter into our family last fall, and I’m ready to get back into blogging again. I look forward to having specific information to share again starting next week.

Happy holidays!

We’re taking a break from the office, so I’m taking a break from the blog. I wish you and your family a very happy holiday season, and we’ll see you in 2017.




What do you say instead of “died”?

map-of-americaI often hear that someone passed away or passed, or that someone is dearly departed, because “died” seems so harsh. But what is the most common way to hide that particular word? Here’s an interesting map of what the most common euphemism is for “died” in each part of the United States – note that in some states, bluntness rules.

I’m curious what the words would be in Canada.


A little break

Lake 3I’m currently in northern Ontario, enjoying some time off with my family. I’ll be back next week.


Happy Canada Day!

Canada 2July 1st marks the day that Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Ontario and Quebec joined together to form the country of Canada. I hope that you are able to enjoy some time off today to celebrate the founding of our country.


I’m back

Spring flowersI’ve had a great time home with my new son for the past four months, and am now back to work. I am easing back into the swing of things this week, and look forward to sharing more information starting next week.

Time for a break

BreakI recently had a baby. My husband and I are very excited to start this next adventure, and as part of it, I will be taking about four months off to be home with our baby. I will also be taking a break from this blog during that time. I’ll be back in the spring. Have a great winter!

A time to remember

Poppy fieldToday is Remembrance Day in Canada, where we take at least a few moments to remember those brave men and women who fought to keep Canada, and the world, free and safe. I will be pausing at 11 this morning to remember my grandfathers, who were part of the war effort during World War II. I hope you are able to take a moment this morning to remember all those who gave their lives so that we could be free.

Happy Canada Day!

CanadaI hope that everyone in the Great White North is enjoying some time off with their families today. I will be back next week – happy Canada Day!