Can I build a pool?


PoolOften, properties have restrictive covenants or easements that limit what you can do, often along the edges of your property. These can be things like limiting signage, not having a clothesline, or keeping several feet along the edge for water or sewer pipes. Restrictions are usually for five or ten years from the date of construction, but can be longer; easements are generally for ever.

Both of these are standard to see on title, and the seller does not have to remove them; they simply have to confirm that they have complied with them if they are still in place. Because of this, by the time your offer is firm, it is too late to back out because you find out that you can’t build a pool that you wanted to. Because of this, if you have things you want to do with the property after closing, you would be best to have your lawyer do a brief title search early on to confirm whether there is anything there. A little knowledge goes a long way.