Are you approved? Are you sure?

Check mark

Check markI have had many clients over the years who have struggled, often up to the last few days before closing, to get their financing in place. Sometimes, they simply left it too late; other times, the rug was pulled out from under them unexpectedly and they were left scrambling to find replacement financing.

If you are an A borrower, you likely won’t have any issue getting financing. If you have even the slightest difference about you, and most people do, then financing will be a bit trickier. Ultimately, what you want to do is be extremely sure that you are fully approved before you waive your financing condition. Ideally, you want something in writing from your broker or, better yet, the lender itself confirming that you have been approved and that you can go ahead with your purchase. Trust me: on a real estate deal, there is not much worse than being days from closing and having no way to actually buy the house.