A storage solution

Cardboard box

Cardboard boxWhen I see clients to do will instructions, part of what I do is create a snapshot of what the client has in terms of assets, whether that is physical (car, bank account, house) or digital (email account, social media, online gaming). This is extremely helpful when it comes time to administer the estate, because the executor will have at least a starting point for finding all of the assets.

But what if you could give your executor more than a snapshot from years earlier? Everplans is trying to help with that.

The premise is that there is a lot of information that you would need to share, and you need a secure place to store it. With Everplans, you can keep information on your beneficiaries, bank and broker accounts, insurance documents, wills and living wills, powers of attorney, any directives you set, any specific health care requests, and of course, personal notes, letters to family or loved ones, account details for utilities and bills, and any usernames and passwords for online accounts. All of it is stored, for free, in an encrypted vault, and only you and one designated deputy to have access. For $35 per year, you can add additional deputies, as well as have Everplans store scanned documents (such as an actual copy of your will or powers of attorney) and give you an annual checkup to make sure everything is current.

For more information, check out their website.