A new kind of holograph will


TabletA holograph will is a will that is done entirely in your own handwriting; if there are no typed portions, then it just needs to be dated and signed at the bottom. No witnesses are required. There have been some unusual holograph wills probated in the past, such as a man in Saskatchewan who scratched what came to be determined as his will into the hubcap of his trailer after he was pinned under it and realized he might die there.

Here is a new one: a will written on a tablet was found to be valid.

Javier Castro knew that he was dying after refusing a blood transfusion for religious reasons. He knew he had extremely limited time but could not find any paper, so he used a tablet computer as well. Recently, an Ohio judge found the tablet-drafted will to be valid. This may not be the case in Ontario, but clearly the law is starting to move with technology.

In my opinion, a lawyer-drafted will is still the best option. But if you are in a hurry, there are clearly more and more options for writing out your last wishes.