A helping hand


I recently had cause to look into retirement facilities for a family member who wanted some assistance. She asked for my help as someone who visits retirement facilities not infrequently and might be able to offer some insight. While I was certainly willing to help her sift through the information, I was even more happy to be able to pass on the contact information for a retirement home consultant who I have worked with. Retirement home consultants are a relatively new concept – people who know the facilities, the doctors and the staff, and are able to make detailed recommendations based on the specific needs of the person who will be moving into the home for a flat fee. The Toronto Star published an article last year on geriatric care consultants, highlighting the advantages available for relatively little cost. In Simcoe County, Living Transition offers these same services at a comparable cost. Making the decision to move into a retirement home or long-term care facility can be difficult. Making the decision for a loved one can be even more difficult. Hiring a professional who knows the system can make this decision a little easier.